Samaritan Worldview

An Outreach Organization With An Evangelistic Call, That Focuses on Connecting The Poor, Needy, Destitute, Homeless and those In Need With The Organizations That Offer The Right and Proper Resources To Help Them Get Back On Their Feet. 



With Those We Serve And With Partner Organizations To Provide The Proper Resources, Programs And Help To Those In Need. 
Luke 10:35

 We Actively Seek Out

Those in need, meeting them where they're at, focusing on the outskirts of town in the often overlooked areas such as the byways, the alley ways, the hedges and bushes, etc. 
Luke 14:23

We Connect & Introduce

Our neighbors in need to Christ Jesus via prayer, love and kindness, then to the Partner Organizations (Inn's) with the right resources to help them As Needed, and When Asked For
John 4:28-30, 39-42

We Return to Give Thanks

By Honoring And Appreciating What God Is Doing In The Community Through All of Us Involved In Helping The Poor Ad Underprivileged, Coming Together And Giving Thanks. 
Luke 17:12-19

For the Needy Shall Not Always Be Forgotten, The Expectation Of The Poor Shall Not Perish For Ever. Psalm 9:18.

Go Ye Into All The World And Preach The Gospel To All Creation.
Mark 16:15

With the Needy, Destitute and Homeless Members of Society  Increasing,
The Resources Becoming Scarcer and Scarcer, 

From the Good Samaritan Perspective, We Bridge The Gap Between The Organizations That Offer These Services With Those That Need It Most, 

 We Partner With These Organizations To Offer Vital Resources To The Members Of These Communities, On The Ground And On The Front line.

We Believe That Christ Jesus Is The Answer To  Long Term Healing And Deliverance From The Situations In Which Many Are In,
We Connect Those Who Want A Relationship With Jesus To Jesus,
And Everyone That Wants Help, We Connect Them To The Right Resources To Help Them On Their Journey To Freedom. 

We connect them to Christ, Then To The "Inn's" Where They Can Be Taken Care Of, Just like the Good Samaritan. 


18857 SE 269th ST.
Covington 98042, US

About us

A Christian Outreach Organization that actively seeks out the Poor, Homeless, Destitute and Necessitous of society, meeting them where they are at with immediately needed supplies, Building Relationships, then connecting  them with partner organizations that have the proper resources to help them get back on their feet and become dignified contributing members of society.

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